BTC Chucks

W.H. Industrial / BTC® Chuck is a leading manufacturer of machine tool lathe chucks for over 50 years. They are the largest manufacturer of chucks in the world. They have developed a reputation for high quality products at competitive prices.  They can offer technical advice and prompt service on all of your needs.

They are universally known for their Zero Set® chuck. It is a universal manual chuck that enables operators to obtain .0004" TIR repeatability on duplicate parts. They can adapt these to operate on any type of spindle.


Manual Lathe Chucks

Breuning IRCO

A focus of the company's philosophy is to provide practical  and  customer-oriented systems that contribute to the economic success of the operator.

Breuning IRCO sees itself as a leading manufacturer of innovative products with extremely high quality standards. The consistent application of the idea to optimize designs for production is part of comprehensive strategic approach to securing the site.

Providing competent and comprehensive consulting to our customers is an integral part of our service for Breuning IRCO. For it is only by setting the course early and focused on clearly defined targets that the success of an automation solution can be ensured.

By focusing on its core competency, the family business has developed over the last 50 years into a globally leading manufacturer of machine tools and as a technology partner for its users. 

Breuning IRCO has about 80 employees who work in the areas of service, development, design, production, management and distribution. 


Barfeed Systems

Heimatec Precision Tools

Heimatec is a world leader in the development and manufacturing of live tools, angle heads, speed increasing heads, and multi-spindle drill heads. With U.S. head quarters located in the Chicagoland area and company head quarters and manufacturing in Renchen Germany, they are dedicated to supplying our customers the most innovative tooling technology possible.


Live Tooling, Angle heads, and Speed Increasing Heads

Jorgensen Conveyors

Jorgensen is a 50-year-old company supplying chip and coolant management solutions and chip handling conveyors to the metal working industry. A standard on many machine tools for many years.

Jorgensen builds metal belt conveyors, drag type conveyors, magnetic conveyors and special material handling conveyors for almost every conceivable application.

In addition, Jorgensen builds a full range of chip separation, filtration and coolant management products. Their filter conveyors utilize paper and permanent drum type filtration media in both gravity and vacuum type filters. Conveyor filtration products are produced in standard configuration and to engineered specification.


Conveyors (Metal Chip), Conveyors (Scrap), Coolant Filtration Equipment, Coolant (High-Pressure)

Kurt Electronics Division

Electronic gaging, industrial computers, standard and custom gaging solutions, SPC software and machine tool interfaces.


Electronic Gaging, Measuring

Kurt Industrial Products

Kurt Industrial produces a wide range of workholding products including machine vises, modular type work holding and special engineered custom workholding. Kurt also produces precision measurement instruments.


Fixture Components, Fixtures (Turn Key), Measuring, Pallet Clamping Systems, Rotary Table Trunion Fixture, Vises, Workholding Clamps, Workholding (Customed Engineered), Workholding (Fixture Components), Workholding (Misc.)


Lexair produces a high quality line of workholding products and bar feeds for turning machines. Lexair produces and markets a series of fixed hydraulic collet closers for machining centers

In addition, they supply direct mount collet chucks and fixed length collet chucks for CNC turning machines and manual wrench operated collet chucks.

The Rhinobar Hydrodynamic Bar Feeds are known through out the industry. Of special interest is the Mini Rhinobar, which handles a capacity of 1/8" to 1 5/8" in 6' or 12' bar lengths for under $10,000. An economical selection for small screw type machines where multiple bar capacity is not needed but 12' bars an advantage.


Automatic Loading Systems, Automation, Bar Loading, Chucks (Air), Chucks (Collet), Chucks (Manual), Collet Closers, Fixture Components, Workholding Clamps, Workholding (Customed Engineered), Workholding (Fixture Components), Workholding (Misc.)


Industrial air filters for oil mists, fumes, nasty smells, dust and metal shavings for machine tools and industry.

Losma is a group that was born in 1974 to offer industries and manufacturing companies the opportunity to “work clean and breathe healthy”. A goal that goes well beyond the slogan, beyond words, to guarantee real benefits, such as savings, increased productivity, safety at work and continuous innovation, to the market.


Mist Collector (Static), Mist Collector (Centrifugal), Mist Collector (Electro-static)

MicroCentric Chucks

The leader in the manufacture of precision chucks for turning and grinding as well as non-rotating machining applications. 

Their products include quick-change collet systems, collet chucks with "S" style pads, precision air chucks, precision power chucks, diaphragm chucks, compensating chucks and non-rotating self contained chucks.

MicroCentric is a strong engineering company with capability for engineering and building special products involving top tooling, ejectors, air sensing, multiple clamping and locating and other unique and innovative engineered solutions as defined by the customer and process.

MicroCentric also produces a quick change set up reduction system for existing multi-spindle turning machines. Their products are high accuracy and very well accepted in the industry.


Chucks (Air), Chucks (Collet), Chucks (Diaphram), Chucks (Hydraulic), Chucks (Quick-Change), Quick Change Collets for Multi- Bar Machines, Workholding (Misc.)

Mitee-Bite Products LLC.

Mitee-Bite Products LLC located in the Lakes & Mountain region of N.H. is the innovator of compact low-profile edge clamps geared towards improving productivity and providing solutions for difficult work holding applications. Continually developing new products to provide customers with a wide assortment of high-density low profile clamping solutions and assistance with clamping recommendations. Mitee-Bite Products takes great pride in producing products that allow customers to improve their processes by simple means. Through constant design and development, Mitee-Bite Products keeps the spindle running, reducing idle spindle time, overall material cost and set-up time.


Fixture Components, Fixtures (Turn Key), Workholding Clamps, Workholding (Misc.), Workholding (Vacuum)

Samchully Machinery Company

Samchully Machinery Company has been bringing premium quality work-holding products to consumers for over 30 years. Today, Samchully offers more products quality products than ever before including Rotary Tables, Special Chucks, Power Chucks, Manual Chucks, and steady rests.  Samchully is committed providing the best value product in the world by combining premium quality, reasonable pricing, and reliable service.


Chucks (Air), Chucks (Manual), Chucks (Hydraulic), Chucks (Quick-Change), Steady Rest, Rotary Table, Rotary Cylinder